Digging Is Our Specialty

If you plan to redesign your land or construct a new home or office space, you might need the land cleared first. For that job, you can count on our more than 50 years of experience in digging, excavating, and earth moving services. Elmer Lewis & Sons Excavation & Septic is one of the leading excavation and septic service providers in the community, and we’ll show you why! Call for your free estimate to get started.

What We OFFER 

Site work for new homes/offices:

• Lot Clearing • Basement Excavation • Cuts and Fills • Fine Grading • Septic Systems

If you have a poor drainage system, you may notice some of these issues:

• Foundation Issues • Sump Pump Working Constantly • Water Entering Your Home or Basement • Backyard Flooding • Excess Standing Water • Growing Mold 
• Musty Smells • Lots of Mosquitoes • Mushy Grass

Rest assured that our excavation professionals are up for the job at hand, no matter the problem. 
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